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55m Te Reo Māori, Theatre, Live Performance 2023

Performed as part of Kia Mau Festival 2023, we follow Moko on her quest to discover the truth of her origin story, and help her to stay on the path to becoming the wahine toa she was born to be.

How do you heal from intergenerational trauma as the result of a genocide that people refuse to acknowledge? Asking for a friend… #YesWeAreGoingThere.

Moko is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She feels that a stronger grounding in her identity will help her heal from personal trauma, but the more she learns, the more she finds there’s so much work to do.

Kia Mau Live Performance Season is a high calibre digital theatre experience showcasing some of the best mana whenua, tangata whenua and tangata moana artists. This selection is representative of the Kia Mau Festival kaupapa - Contemporary, Indigenous, Artist Led, Excellence. Kia mau is a call to hold fast. Kia Mau is about us all. Here. Now.

Kia Mau Live Performance Season streams from 8PM 29 July 2023 - 8PM 07 September ‘23.

Writer / Director

Sherilee Kahui


H-J Kilkelly

Mita Consultant

Danielle Gardiner

Stage Manager / Production Intern

Parekawa Finlay

Taonga Puoro / Sound Design

Nicholas Erickson

Taonga Puoro / Sound Design

Thomas Carroll

Lighting Design / Technical Operator

Hāmi Hawkins

Production Designer

Molly Friis

Choreography / Waiata Consultant

Amanda Noblett

Marketing / Publicity

Stevie Greeks

Poster Design

Xoë Hall

Production Photography

Jamie Kahui

Audio Visual Lead

Kate Pomeroy

Audio Visual Mentor

Trey Strickland

Audio Visual Sound

Daniel Fraser

Audio Visual Camera Operator

Aaron Lewis

SPF Soundtrack Composer

Roberto Panovski

Musak Creation

Duncan Phillips

Additional Taranaki Audio Visual Footage

Matthew Stancombe

Director of Photography (Moana Nui)

Pikihuia Haenga

Camera Operator (Moana Nui)

Elise Lanigan

Camera Operator (Moana Nui)

Dani Sciascia

Sound Recordist (Moana Nui)

Nic Widfeldt

Editor / Grader (Moana Nui)

Erin Murphy

Post Production Sound (Moana Nui)

Trent Williams

Export Editor (Moana Nui)

Erin Murphy

Producer (Moana Nui)

Natala Gwiazdzinski

Executive Producer (Moana Nui)

Mīria George

Festival Producer (Kia Mau Festival)

Ahi Karunaharan

Festival Producer (Kia Mau Festival)

Trae Te Wiki

Festival Technical Director (KIa Mau Festival)

Natasha James

Festival Technical Manager (Kia Mau Festival)

James Kearney

Communications & Marketing Manager (Kia Mau Festival)

Stevie Greeks

Festival Ticketing Manager (Kia Mau Festival)

Michaella Steel

Digital Creator & Coordinator

Jode Wade Lee

General Manager (Kia Mau Festival)

Dolina Wehipeihana

Executive Director (Kia Mau Festival)

Mīria George

Artistic Director & Chief Executive (Kia Mau Festival)

Hone Kouka

Kia Mau Festival Trust

Pele Walker

Kia Mau Festival Trust

Jim Moriarty

Kia Mau Festival Trust

Tina McNicholas

Kia Mau Festival Trust

Maia Wikaira


English, Te Reo Māori


New Zealand, Aotearoa


Kia Mau Festival, Moana Nui