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Ahi Kā [Tuarua] - Natano Keni

10m Documentary 2023

Natano Keni talks about his production company I Ken So and collaboration with his wife Sarita, his new fuel in becoming a first time papa, and the need for re-evaluation of our funding structures from the ground up.

Moana Nui features Ahi Kā Season Two that proudly shares profiles of artists from Aotearoa.

Ahi Kā is a dynamic collaboration with independent tangata whenua, tangata moana and tangata tauiwi filmmakers from Te Ūpoko o te ika a Māui weaving together on screen artists from theatre, music, literature & film.

Director of Photography

Pikihuia Haenga


Timon Zeiss


Mīria George


Natala Gwiazdzinski

Executive Producer

Mīria George


Maori, English


Aotearoa, New Zealand


Kia Mau Festival