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'Avaiki Nui Social

2h 0m Music, Theatre, Live Performance, Cook Islands String Bands 2023

Performed as part of Kia Mau Festival 2023, in the centre of Aotearoa, a gathering of musicians from across the fifteen islands of the Cook Islands heat up the stage of the Michael Fowler Centre in Pōneke.

A collection of treasured musicians bring their instruments to the stage – from the community halls, family homes, backyard gatherings and garage parties, this special night of Cook Islands String Bands tells the story of Te Moana Nui a Kiva. A story of Avaiki Nui, the beautiful Cook Islands.

For one night only, we journey across time and ocean to explore the history of Cook Islands string bands and the songs that have provided the soundtrack to moments throughout our lives.

‘Avaiki Nui Social features a handful of our most legendary musicians including The Wanderers, Brother Love, Kabin Bread Boyz, Ardijah and Jarome. Our musicians are joined by storytellers Tuaratini and Jarcinda Stowers-Ama, filmmaker The Raro Dog, choreographer Te Hau Winitana and theatremakers Taungaroa Emile, Poe Tiare Tararo, Teherenui Koteka, Roy Iro and Mīria George.

Kia Mau Live Performance Season is a high calibre digital theatre experience showcasing some of the best mana whenua, tangata whenua and tangata moana artists. This selection is representative of the Kia Mau Festival kaupapa - Contemporary, Indigenous, Artist Led, Excellence. Kia mau is a call to hold fast. Kia Mau is about us all. Here. Now.

Kia Mau Live Performance Season streams from 8PM 27 July 2023 - 8PM 07 September ‘23.

Takitua / Story Writer


Story Writer

Jarcinda Stowers-Ama

Production Director

Mīria George

Scene Director

Taungaroa Emile

Assistant Director

Poe Tiare Tararo


Te Hau Winitana

Stage Manager (Kia Mau Festival)

Bridget Carpenter

Assistant Stage Manager (Kia Mau Festival)

Olivia Cowley

Assistant Stage Manager (Kia Mau Festival)

Jessie Rochford-Barber

Stage & Backline Technicial (Kia Mau Festival)

Posenai Mavaega

Set Design (Kia Mau Festival)

Horrobin & Hodge

Lighting Design (Kia Mau Festival)

James Kearney

Audio Visual Design (Artificial Imagination)

Delainy Kennedy

Sound Design (Kia Mau Festival)

Karnan Saba

Production Manager (Kia Mau Festival)

Natasha James

Takitua Rakei (Kia Mau Festival)

Mary Ama

Takitua Rakei (Kia Mau Festival)

Jarcinda Stowers-Ama

Costume (Creative Show Off Costume)

Sharon Johnstone

Associate Lighting Design & Operator (Kia Mau Festival)

Dan Wilson

Sound Engineer (Kia Mau Festival)

Chris Gee

Creative Producer (Kia Mau Festival)


Creative Producer (Kia Mau Festival)

Jarcinda Stowers-Ama

Creative Producer (Kia Mau Festival)

Mīria George

Director of Photography (Moana Nui)

Elise Lanigan

Camera Operator (Moana Nui)

Pikihuia Haenga

Camera Operator (Moana Nui)

Joel Strawbridge

Sound Recordist (Moana Nui)

Nic Widfeldt

Editor (Moana Nui)

Aiden Fernando

Editor / Grader (Moana Nui)

Elise Lanigan

Post Production Sound (Moana Nui)

Trent Williams

Export Editor (Moana Nui)

Erin Murphy

Producer (Moana Nui)

Natala Gwiazdzinski

Executive Producer (Moana Nui)

Mīria George

Festival Producer (Kia Mau Festival)

Mīria George

Festival Producer (Kia Mau Festival)

Ahi Karunaharan

Festival Producer (Kia Mau Festival)

Tanya Muagututi'a

Festival Partner

Go Media

Festival Technical Director (Kia Mau Festival)

Natasha James

Festival Technical Manager (Kia Mau Festival)

James Kearney

Communications & Marketing Manager (Kia Mau Festival)

Stevie Greeks

Festival Ticketing Manager (Kia Mau Festival)

Michaella Steel

Digital Creator & Coordinator (Kia Mau Festival)

Jode Wade Lee

General Manager (Kia Mau Festival)

Dolina Wehipeihana

Executive Director (Kia Mau Festival)

Mīria George

Artistic Director & Chief Executive (Kia Mau Festival)

Hone Kouka

Kia Mau Festival Trust

Pele Walker

Kia Mau Festival Trust

Jim Moriarty

Kia Mau Festival Trust

Tina McNicholas

Kia Mau Festival Trust

Maia Wikaira


Cook Islands, Aotearoa, New Zealand


Kia Mau Festival, Moana Nui