Ahi Kā - Jahra Wasasala (2021)

  • Documentary
  • 6min

Jahra Wasasala is a world builder, movement psychopomp, writer of realms. She reflects on how we can safely unpack hard moments in our art, and the radical power of imagination.

Moana Nui is a curated digital experience of live performance from Kia Mau Festival. From full-length theatre and dance shows filmed in season at Kia Mau; to the raw and intimate final rehearsal room performances as artists prepare for their Opening Night.

Moana Nui also features Ahi Kā, sharing profiles of artists from Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch - all of whom are from Aotearoa and Te Moana-nui-a-Kiva. Ahi Kā is a dynamic collaboration with independent Māori filmmakers from Te Ūpoko-o-te-ika-a-Māui - fusing together artists from theatre, dance, music, literature & film.


Kahu Kutia

Director of Photography

Elise Lanigan


Elise Lanigan


Kahu Kutia

Executive Producer

Mīria George


English, Maori


New Zealand


Kia Mau Festival Ltd